Our special team is well trained with long experience in the field of HVAC such as chillers plants, central cooling, kitchen hoods, fire/smoke extraction etc...


Have become highly specialized given the international regulations and the different harsh environments where unity group operates. We definitely use the most upto- date systems to ensure that the stringent safety requirements are met.


Which comprise of huge pumps and tanks require large resources both in terms of equipment and multi-facet. UNITY provides complete plumbing stations.


The core objective of this Engineering service is to meet the demands of in-house engineering requirements as well as market requirements of Design & Engineering work on day-to-day basis.The department is fully equipped with computerized network and highly qualified & experienced professionals in Structural & Mechanical, and Providing Tanks and pressure vessels full design package which comprises Manufacturing and layout drawing for fabrication and installation, Customized pressure vessel design development as per ASME codes and finally 3D modeling for piping runs and surrounding instructions.

Providing Detailed Engineering Services  

  • sites detailed design and plot plan
  • Material specifications and requisitions
  • Piping layouts, piping isometric , and detailed design
  • Steel structure work shop drawings
  • detailed fabrication drawings for Pressure vessels, columns, shell/tube heat exchangers and Field erected Tanks
  • managing the fabrication activities at subcontractors’ workshops